Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chapter 15 - The Undue Attention

The first date did not feel like one. And so in my Pursuit of Happiness I decided to glam up my world. The fast greying hair, which was by the way a heritidary problem, became my ticket to hair colour. The hair colour gave me a reason to have highlights and so the red highlights. The hatred in my heart became rock music, the jeans got tatterred, the pale nails became black, the eyes became kohl lined and there was unnecessary piercing spree on. I was out there in the world with my personal vendatta on my mind.

In due course I turned out to be the bad girl gaining unwarrented attention from parents and boys in my neighbourhood. I was never an easy to approach girl, but now I became the girl impossible to approach. I approached everyone with a sneer, a frown but never with a smile. I started having tantrums which parents though was anger and started consulting a pandit. I was made to wear a silver chain with a pearl in it, said to calm your moon and hence makes you low on tantrums somehow.

People who approached me regretted. I became the eclipse people are not allowed to watch directly. But still somehow I had my friends to support me. They tried to support me over numerous cups of coffee and intervention sessions but it didn't work.

When everyone was hating it, the boys where loving it. The boys where loving a good girl gone bad. I started receiving calls from so many boys that it did not feel special anymore. They loved my rock punk style and not me.

So one of such days I received a call from someone interesting. The call sounded like 'Hey, wazzap?'.
'Who the hell are you?' I replied. 'Well I like your hair'. 'Yeah right! I like them too. What's your point' I said in an agitated tone. And like some goddamn Sharukh Khan movie he replied back saying, 'One of these days I would like to take a close look at them.' I liked the humour in the voice but I was a little heart broken and in no mood for such games. So I decided to hang up the phone.

The very next second I received an SMS with a sad smiley. Dear people, please remember this was the age of no smartphone, no whatsapps and no fancy,more expressive than human face, emocons. I decided to delete the same and pay no heed to it.

The person on the other side of the satellite signal seemed to be more determined than me. So as I was starting to write off this whole episode in my mind and get ready for a day long work at my desk, I received another SMS which said, 'You look nice in Red but you look better in Black.' Untill now I had hardly paid any attention to him, however now I became curious. So I replied back with a sneer saying,' Okay! So you caught my attention. Now what?'. 'Now we meet',he replied. As I was trying to decipher the meaning of the letters on my phone screen, the front door opened and I saw my specialguy looking directly into my eye with a smile.

I had longed for it in the past and now when I had the attention of two boys I felt it was UNDUE.


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