Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chapter 15 - The Undue Attention

The first date did not feel like one. And so in my Pursuit of Happiness I decided to glam up my world. The fast greying hair, which was by the way a heritidary problem, became my ticket to hair colour. The hair colour gave me a reason to have highlights and so the red highlights. The hatred in my heart became rock music, the jeans got tatterred, the pale nails became black, the eyes became kohl lined and there was unnecessary piercing spree on. I was out there in the world with my personal vendatta on my mind.

In due course I turned out to be the bad girl gaining unwarrented attention from parents and boys in my neighbourhood. I was never an easy to approach girl, but now I became the girl impossible to approach. I approached everyone with a sneer, a frown but never with a smile. I started having tantrums which parents though was anger and started consulting a pandit. I was made to wear a silver chain with a pearl in it, said to calm your moon and hence makes you low on tantrums somehow.

People who approached me regretted. I became the eclipse people are not allowed to watch directly. But still somehow I had my friends to support me. They tried to support me over numerous cups of coffee and intervention sessions but it didn't work.

When everyone was hating it, the boys where loving it. The boys where loving a good girl gone bad. I started receiving calls from so many boys that it did not feel special anymore. They loved my rock punk style and not me.

So one of such days I received a call from someone interesting. The call sounded like 'Hey, wazzap?'.
'Who the hell are you?' I replied. 'Well I like your hair'. 'Yeah right! I like them too. What's your point' I said in an agitated tone. And like some goddamn Sharukh Khan movie he replied back saying, 'One of these days I would like to take a close look at them.' I liked the humour in the voice but I was a little heart broken and in no mood for such games. So I decided to hang up the phone.

The very next second I received an SMS with a sad smiley. Dear people, please remember this was the age of no smartphone, no whatsapps and no fancy,more expressive than human face, emocons. I decided to delete the same and pay no heed to it.

The person on the other side of the satellite signal seemed to be more determined than me. So as I was starting to write off this whole episode in my mind and get ready for a day long work at my desk, I received another SMS which said, 'You look nice in Red but you look better in Black.' Untill now I had hardly paid any attention to him, however now I became curious. So I replied back with a sneer saying,' Okay! So you caught my attention. Now what?'. 'Now we meet',he replied. As I was trying to decipher the meaning of the letters on my phone screen, the front door opened and I saw my specialguy looking directly into my eye with a smile.

I had longed for it in the past and now when I had the attention of two boys I felt it was UNDUE.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Chapter - 14 The First Date

The morning after the dreamy conversation I had with my special guy, I decided to look my best. And hence obviously wanted to look thinner. So I decided to wear a suit that I thought made me look thinner and obnoxiously fair. Now you see guys, for North Indian women  looking thin may or may not be important but looking fair is of utmost importance. To complement my look, I wore some kajal, lipgloss and a 3 incher. Don't be so dumbstruck people, a three incher is a 3 inch tall heel. Ok, another tip, heel make you look thinner girls.

So anyhow, after getting all decked up I started practicing my walk in the mirror. In the reflection of the mirror, I saw my mom checking me out. I had never felt so embarrassed in my entire life. In a hurry I decided to ditch my 3 incher and wear a flat.

As I kick started my scooter, I realised that I had to keep up with this charade for another 4 hours before I meet him. This is me, I repeated to myself, as I looked into the mirror before parking my vehicle. As I rushed up the stairs and opened the doors of my office, our eyes met.

No, No , if you are thinking it was my special guy you are wrong. This was my very sarcastic friend, my guide, my protector. He was the one who had been guiding me since the last year so that I would be able to overcome my shyness and my boyish charms. I wanted to hide myself in the washroom. I wanted to run back to my house and remove the makeup and change into my regular trashy clothes.

His eyes had a question, his lips had a smile, his body language seemed positive. He just said two words, 'Come outside'. I said nothing and followed him outside. Finally near the stair case he said, 'What's wrong with you? I know what you have been upto.' 'Huh! What do you mean?', I replied back. 'Well, look at you all decked up. You looking great and happy. Where is your charming irritated face? What is wrong with your hair? They look perfect'. We both knew what we both were talking about and we both started laughing.

But I am sure my readers are wondering about this new person. Let me introduce you to him. I have already told you all about my school and my need to lose weight and for which I have been walking regularly. Also remember that I was working in an office. Now combine the three and you get my friend. You may call him 'Guruji'. So Guruji had seen me in my school uniform when he was pursuing MBA. He had seen me walking with my sister when I had completed my college and he was working as a motivational speaker, part time in my office. He was 11 years elder to me and we had a common connection his sister who was my junior in school. I had never noticed him before and had met in office while scheduling his lectures. But he has seen and noticed me on various occasions.
After which Guruji became my friend and my own private motivational speaker.

So me and Guruji laughed, my boss smiled at me and I anxiously waited. I waited for my turn to smile. I patiently waited for the seconds hand of the clock to skip seconds. It was 5'o clock in the evening and I was counting the money received by the earlier shift lady. I was going crazy as the person had deposited the fee in a denominations of 10 and 50. I heard my cell ring. The name on the cell display made my heart skip yet another beat.

I picked up the call and heard a beautiful voice on the other side. 'Can you come down now? I am really hungry. Lets grab a bite.' My heart said, 'Yes my dear', my head said 'Are you kidding me? Is this even a date?' My mouth said, 'Where do you want to go?' 'KFC'. 'Wrong choice', my head exploded. 'I am a vegetarian'. 'Ohk, then lets go to CCD, you can grab your cup of the poor coffee served there and I can eat something.' My head wanted to say no, but my heart and mouth said yes. And so my first date from being a romantic one turned out to be a hurried one.

By the time I saw him I was so mad in my head that I decided that this was the first and the last one. We sat, we ordered, he smile and I gave him a blank look. I guess he understood. After precisely 15 minutes, I decided to tell him that I was getting late and wanted to take his leave. He asked for the check and I insisted to pay in half. I did and came out. He followed and grabbed my hand as I was trying to walk away. He said I know you are mad at me and I am sorry. I didn't answer and rushed towards the stairs leading to my office. He did not leave my hand and just looked at me and said, 'You know how beautiful your eyes are'. I always knew but nobody ever in my life had ever told that to me. But I was still uncomfortable with him holding my hand. I asked him politely to let go off my hand, gave him a hug and rushed back to the office.

The feeling was beautiful but it was not me. It was not what I wanted or expected. I left my heart there and decided to concentrate on my work with my head.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Chapter - 13 The First Conversation

I was on cloud nine... As I hurried back home I was welcomed by the stares of my mother and dad for coming late. I was filled with guilt for not being responsible enough but on the other hand I was happy to be THE GIRL who had got noticed by her crush.

I thought I was in love. That constant tingling in the stomach felt funny but great. I could not sleep. I waited for the sleep to come and drift me away but it never did.

I guess it was around midnight and I was struggling to sleep when I saw the light on my fancy new cellphone. 'One message received' from the name I was hoping for. I loved the sight of my cellphone in the dark room. I was excited and frightened at the same. As I opened the message, my heart jumped, jumped with excitement. It said, 'Wat u doin?' Now I still don't like the way people write their SMSes. What is up with all these abbreviations? Anyhow that was not what I was thinking at that time. All I was thinking about was the answer I should be sending. As I was thinking I typed 'Nothing' and hit sent.

I was eagerly waiting for the reply. I waited and waited and I was about to doze off when my phone glistened. I hungrily opened my cellphone and saw the message. It said, ' What are you doing on Saturday?' . 'Working' I replied. 'And Sunday?', 'Still working! Remember I get a weekday off' I replied back. 'Okay!!! Busy Bee! When do you get a weekday off?' he said. I blushed and replied back, 'Wednesday'. 'Great! So we meeting on Wednesday?' 'No No! What will I tell my parents?, I replied. 'Really! can't you just tell them you are 21 and you have friends to hang out with!', he said. 

Now, how could I tell him that I didn't really have friends that I used to HANG OUT with, that I had never been to any place without my parents or sister or cousins and that I never knew any hangout places and that I never had been to any eateries and that I knew about all the eateries existing because I was an avid reader and I was preparing for certain entrances.

But I have always been a smartass and I always have had answers, though I was still exploring this part of my personality. So I answered back with a smiley and said 'How about tomorrow?' That I could take a break for like half an hour in between. And that how did he know that I was 21. He replied back in a smiley and said 'Cool, tomorrow at 6:30, after my class gets over with.' 

'Super, see you then! Goodnight' 'Goodnight dear'. The dear echoed in my ear for a while before I drifted to sleep! I am sure that night I smiled in my sleep. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chapter - 12 And then IT starts

As my heart was skipping beats and I was losing track of time I realised that I had completed three months in my first job.

The same evening my mom called me to her room. She had a white envelope in her hand. the envelop was thick. This was when I realised that this was my three months salary in cash. Cash because I never received a cheque from my office. This was my hard earned money. My Mom looked at me smiling and said, "What do you want to do with this money?". I was not sure and hesitated. She smiled again and said , "I think you should get a cellphone". A cellphone! My mind loved the idea, but I was always still in the phase of life when I was trying to be the perfect child, so I refused and mumbled half heartedly that I wanted to save it. My father laughed and said, "We have saved enough for you".

The next day was a weekday off. so me, mom and dad ventured out to find a simple cellphone for me. I had a secret desire for Moto razor (quite popular at that time). But my parents wanted a utility phone and hence wanted me to buy a Nokia. However my Dad, the munchkin he is, agreed on Moto as a brand but decided on a lower end model. This was my first phone, thin, silver and coloured. It could store 3 songs, 15 messages in inbox and also had a video player. It had two games on JAVA and had a camera that had the spirit of clicking but no spirit of capturing a soulful photo.

I was happy. I was the most contented person on the planet and it felt that I had achieved everything in life and nothing could ever stop me.

The next day when I went to the office, I was all Miss Showoff. My Boss smiled and patted me on the back, my friends (who had a razor) were just happy that finally at the age of 21 I had a cellphone and now they could message me and I just felt all grown up.

At 6 in the evening, with the phone in my hand, I was impatiently waiting for him to come. And he came... Imagine the goosebumps, the twinkle in the eye and the trembling in your limbs when you steal a glimpse of your crush.

He came and smile and said, "How shiny? Silver, I like silver. Think you should store my number now."

I fumbled, I trembled and I was still new to the concept of storing a number. So he snatched my phone and smiled. Stored his number and gave himself a missed call and stored my number.

And as he rushed into his class he looked back and with a twinkle in his eye he said, "I will text you tonight".

I sighed!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chapter - 11 He came, He conquered..

Yes you all know what happens next... Our eyes met and we feel in love and then we lived happily ever after again.

Oh yes! I wished so...

So the next evening I was sitting behind my boring desk and impatiently waiting for him... I heard his steps coming up and I felt I heart thumbing. This was indeed my moment of truth. He looked at me, smiled and murmured a quick hi and ran into his class. It was a 90 minutes class and I waited. He came out and sheepishly asked me 'is it your birthday?'. A voice came on of me which sounded like a sexy 'No' in my head but I guess not really audible to the outside world.

And all I wanted was to invite him for coffee but I guess looking pretty is never enough.

So he rushed outside and just as a passing comment said 'You looking different rather pretty today' and there it was a thumbs - up sign and a wink.

Can your imagine the rush in my head, butterflies in my stomach and the love in my heart.

Ah! first love!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter 10 - Plan - NOTICE ME!

Oh!!! Hmm!! I was sooo struck by lightening of love!! It was flowing in my veins, my brain was racking up all Westlife songs, I was floating in air with no knowledge of what was happening around me.

I have been just able to manage glimpses of him passing by in and outside of the classrooms. I was sure he had noticed me squinting all the time to just catch a glimpse of him. I had to do something or else this would not be going anywhere.

I needed a plan. Plan, so that he noticed me. But first things first. I needed to be more careful about how I looked. I needed to look attractive, if not sexy (reminding you, I was still overweight). Also I needed a haircut. With all the frissy hair, how on Earth would someone notice me.

So Plan - NOTICE ME started with a visit to salon. My mom was taken aback as I never like going to any such places (I still don't, what a waste of time!).

Anyways, I went to the parlour, got a neat haircut, a nice pair of jeans and a decent coat (now ladies coats are really helpful, if you are pear shaped.Most Indian women are pear shaped, while the western women are considered to be spoon shaped, but about that some other time). Also I got my first gloss and all dolled up I went to the office the very next day.

I was feeling confident and had a good feeling about this.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chapter 9 - LOVE is it?

I had never had crushes ever in my life before. Sadly when girls around me were busy flirting, looking abso awesome, having hot boyfriends, I was busy making fun of them. It felt such a waste of time and energy.

And so when I saw him,I could not understand the tingling in my stomach. Was it my empty stomach reacting or was it the feeling so often described as love in great Indian movies. I was stupendously coy and am sure made a big fool out of myself.

Lets call this guy Mr.SpecialGuy1 (1 signifies, there are more to come). So Mr. SpecialGuy1 was standing right in front of me asking me something. Who was hearing when I was so busy falling in love with him. He was sweet enough to ask me my name and all could blurt out was HUH!

He was asking me a schedule of his classes next week (which by the way I had made for him with the hep of my newly acquired excel skill) and all could manage was to get a print of the same and hold the sheet out to him.

He had the sweetest voice, the prettiest boyish features and the most amazing dressing sense, or it just seem to me at that time.

He managed to snatch the sheet out of my hand and give me an ouch! paper cut!. He apologized a thousand time and all I could manage was a simpleton smile.

As he moved out of the institute my eyes followed his shadow.
I was behaving like a dove cooing in love, with the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life.